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Bree [userpic]
Anybody wanna help meee?
by Bree (livelaughlovep)
at November 4th, 2008 (11:24 pm)

So, I'm just loving all these paid for pixels people are buying and making blinkies with, and I want to make some, too! The thing is I don't have 10.00.

Would anyone like to help me with that? I'll make you anything you like!
Take a  look at my prices, and take 50% off for helping. So yes, I'll give you 20.00 of graphics for 10.00.  Your choice of whatever I can do.


Anybody? I could even make you some goodies with the shiny pixels from candycoatedpixels.com that I wanna get XD.

Thank you most kindly!

I've made this post public, so if you know someone who might want a super deal on graphics or split the cost with you, send e'm this way!

Oh PS the gallery is slowly going UP so please take a look at it! :) Its going to have something added daily, hopefully.