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Bree [userpic]
Crochet Theme
by Bree (livelaughlovep)
at March 26th, 2009 (02:15 am)


Please credit livelaughlovep  @ brigraphix  , thank you.

You can find the rest here.Collapse )

Bree [userpic]
Anybody wanna help meee?
by Bree (livelaughlovep)
at November 4th, 2008 (11:24 pm)

So, I'm just loving all these paid for pixels people are buying and making blinkies with, and I want to make some, too! The thing is I don't have 10.00.

Would anyone like to help me with that? I'll make you anything you like!
Take a  look at my prices, and take 50% off for helping. So yes, I'll give you 20.00 of graphics for 10.00.  Your choice of whatever I can do.


Anybody? I could even make you some goodies with the shiny pixels from candycoatedpixels.com that I wanna get XD.

Thank you most kindly!

I've made this post public, so if you know someone who might want a super deal on graphics or split the cost with you, send e'm this way!

Oh PS the gallery is slowly going UP so please take a look at it! :) Its going to have something added daily, hopefully.

Bree [userpic]
Hallo and welcome!
by Bree (livelaughlovep)
at September 14th, 2008 (11:57 pm)
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current mood: hopeful

Taking 3 spots for this awesome deal! Spend 10.00 and receive 20.00 worth instead! :)
Also you'll get 4 mos on my loved list where you can always have a spot on any offer I post.

Now, prices - All prices are in USD.

Desktop wallpaper - (done at 1024 X 786) - 1.00 Example 1 Example 2 (EX1 is sort of a !Giant! banner or could be representative of a wallpaper..)

Banner or color bar - .75 - Example 1 Example 2 (The community banner!!) and a Color Bar example.

Friends Only Banner - .75 Examples

Super De Duper Livejournal Package - (1) ONE banner (1) Profile header/banner/whatever-you-want (1) ONE background (2) TWO icons (1) ONE Friends Only banner & TWO blinkies (Or a glitter nametag or banner)- 6.00

Icon - .50 or .25 (for text only) - (add .15 for animated) - Buy in bulk, SAVE! 4 icons just 2.50! (3.00 for animated!)
EXCEPTION - Sayclub background icons w/ name - .25 ea.

Blinkie - .40 or 4 for 1.25

More examples

Blinkie Grab Bag 10 for 2.50
You tell me what you like, and I make you a surprise! Whee! :)

Wee Blinkie Button - .50 or 4 for 2.20 Example 1

Glitter Nametag (transp bkg or single color (or rendered clouds)) - .75 Examples

Glitter Mini-Banner - .50 Example 1

Glitter Large-Banner - .75

Photo touchup, glamour, effects, selective coloring, black & white, sepia, etc (If you don't know what to call it, show me a sample)
1.00 and up depending on what you want and how many images you want me to do. Example 1 Example 2 More Examples

Want to use one of my photos? 2.00 extra on wallpapers, 1.00 extra on banners, .25 extra on icons.

But you MAY ask for me to make you something similar!

You can also visit my gallery, I'm working on it, but soon it will be pages of wonderful things I have ready for you to request.

Thinking of something else I don't have listed? Want to make your own Super De Duper Package? Ask! And you probably shall receive.

Payment options: Paypal preferred - can take concealed cash at YOUR RISK or money order. No checks.
I will also make graphics for LJ Additional icon space. I also consider graphics trades! If you'd like to swap talent with me, I'll probably accept :D

Will concider trading for these real-life items: XL/1X shirts, 18 or 20 womens jeans, 6ga SF plugs, 1/2 inch plugs/hangies, handmade jewelry or crafts, photography equipment, cookbooks, digital photography books, or things on my amazon wish list.
Think you have something to barter that I might like based on my user-interests? Ask. Asking never hurt anyone. ^___^;

Please fill out the appropriate form, and either email it to jaguarspots@gmail.com with the title "Paid request from ________" with your LJ name, or you may leave a comment here (they are screened!) once I've gotten back to you to confirm it, then you'll go ahead and send payment to my paypal or arrange another method with me. Sound good? Great!

Each purchase at/over 4.00 will receive 2 mos on my loved list. That means you can request anything I offer even if its full, and you get to pick a blinkie a month from my gallery for **Free** even if I haven't offered it as a freebie!


Blinkie Grab Bag

Blinkie: (wee button)

Glitter Nametag:

Banner (any - incl. Friends Only)



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